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5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Smile

[] Aug 20, 2015 2:56:08 PM / by Sheard A. Ber, D.D.S.


There are few things that take away from one’s appearance as drastically as bad teeth.  Missing, crooked, or discolored chompers make a person appear less attractive, less approachable, and even less intelligent.  There are a lot of things that people garner from another’s smile.  It’s the very basis of a first impression.  If there is one opportunity of which the value cannot be overstated, it is the ability to flash a dazzling smile upon first sight or introduction.  The good news is that teeth are also easily transformed, and the results are reliable.  It doesn’t take injections, creams, or even surgery to positively impact one’s appearance or reduce the signs of aging.  These five steps can improve anyone’s smile, making them more attractive and confident in the process.

  1. Brush and Floss – It seems an obvious point, but there is nothing else you can do to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth and gums that is as effective as brushing and flossing.  Unfortunately, too many patients don’t follow recommended guidelines, and are not being as effective in their efforts as they could be.  Everyone should brush for two minutes, at least twice per day, and floss daily for optimal results.
  2. Keep Dental Appointments – Dental exams and cleanings are critical to maintaining oral health.  Your dentist removes harmful plaque buildup which can lead to problems such as heart disease.  He or she can also address issues such as cavities and gum recession before they become much bigger problems.  It is recommended that you see your dentist at least twice per year if there are no problems.  However, few American adults adhere to this guideline.
  3. Eat a Healthy Diet – Sugary foods and drinks linger on the surface of your teeth.  If you aren’t careful to rinse and brush right away, you’re risking tooth decay from the acids released by these substances.  Of course, just as important as avoiding the bad stuff is consuming the good.  A diet with adequate amounts of calcium from sources such as dairy and kale will help strengthen teeth, while including Vitamin C will help ward off gum disease.
  4. Don’t Smoke – It’s no secret that smoking has a drastically negative impact on dental hygiene.  Smokers tend to struggle with issues such as teeth yellowing and bad breath.  They are also four times more likely than non-smokers to be diagnosed with gum disease.  Additionally, just as smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, it also boosts the odds of oral cancers such as those affecting the lips, gums, or tongue.
  5. Cosmetic Dentistry – For those who are displeased with the appearance of their smile, cosmetic dentistry offers quick, effective avenues by which to achieve improvement.  Teeth whitening, for instance can make a drastic change in a very short amount of time.  Additionally, options such as veneers allow for the correction of uneven or chipped teeth.

Caring for oral health is all too easy.  A few simple steps throughout the course of your year can make an incredible amount of difference.  Don’t allow yourself to be dissatisfied with your smile.  Contact a cosmetic dentist in your area to address your concerns.  If you are in the Thibodaux area, that dentist may be Dr. Sheard Ber.  With years of experience and a highly-trained staff, our office is sure to be able to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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